Museum of architectural miniatures «Strana mini»

Museum of architectural miniatures «Strana mini» is an excellent choice for tourists. The museum is a great attempt to embrace the immense Belarus, to collect under one roof the sights of the country, which in real life are hundreds of kilometers apart.

We have selected the most interesting 70 attractions of Belarus and decided to recreate them in miniature during the next 3 years specially for you. At the moment the museum exhibits 20 miniatures. Each miniature is a work of art with its own interactive features. The guest of our museum will see the most significant as well as the less known architectural landmarks.

What expects you in «Strana mini»:

❶ Sightseeing exposure of 20 key Belarussian attractions, trip to which you're able to take directly from the museum;

❷ Souvenir shop with a large range of souvenirs and presents from Belarus, made by more than 100 Belarusian craftsmen;

❸ English-speaking tour-guides;

❹ «Strana mini» mobile app is an audio-guide in the Russian and English languages. You can download this app absolutely gratis;

❺ Virtual Reality zone, where you can see sights outside and inside;

❻ 2 photo zones «Traditional Belarusian house» and «Belarusian bison-swing»;

❼ Free high-speed wi-fi;

❽ Rest zone;

❾ Each ticket includes photos & audio-guide.

Museum «Strana mini» is a perfect place for getting acquainted with Belarus.